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26 October 2014

The Good Ole' Days!

If you remember this...

you will want to read on! I remember it, and find 50s and 60s TV inspired memorabilia impossible to pass by. For me, it's such a nostalgic trip, that it triggers important moments in my life. I remember well our first TV. How exciting that was! My dad brought it home, and we had a family gathering in which he and my mother laid down the television watching rules, and then it was time for the plugging in! Suddenly, there before our eyes were Howdy Doody and Princess Summerfall Winterspring! Our lives would never be the same.

Of course, close on the TV's heels was our first issue of

Advertising became the name of the game, so we soon found ourselves wanting all the marvelous gadgets we saw -- and we bought them.

We waited with great anticipation, the new episode of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

and cooked our meals from new products,

ate from TV trays,

and saved the leftovers in a New and Improved way.

Those were the good ole' days...or, were they?


NeverTooOld said...

Outstanding Betty! Nice post that does remind me of those "Good Ole Days"! Love it!

Blue Moon Attic said...

You brought back some good memories, Betty! So happy you shared this with us.

Jenni said...

I was more of a product of the 60's Betty but you made me think of the advertising in comic books. I remember saving my money and ordering "sea monkeys" you grow at home :o)
Great post Betty!

Tanjla said...

I remember our first TV too, it was amazing! Like magic to our eyes. Fuzzy pictures - dad called it snow. Aluminum foil on the rabbit ears.
Captain Kangaroo and watching boxing with my dad on Friday nights.
Thank you for bringing back those great simpler time memories.


Angela Spiess said...

Very good days filled with terrific memories! Thank goodness for DVDs of all the great old shows so we can watch over and over! Great post!

Anonymous said...

Princess Summerfall Winterspring! I thought I was the only person left who remembered her! I loved Princess Summerfall Winterspring!
Great article!

Sandy said...

Fantastic blog Betty!
I don't really remember our first t.v. but I do remember we had a black and white in a huge box and tiny screen. We watched almost all the same shows along with Combat and others like that.

Vintage is all about the memories from anyone's era.

CraveCute said...

Great post Betty! I remember the good old days well!

Meg's Endeavors said...

Love the "Good old days" and the walk down memory lane! Thanks Betty!

Rescued in Time, LLC said...

So many great gift ideas here, absolutely love the lacquerware canisters - would brighten up any kitchen!!