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30 March 2014

Gardening With Team Vintage Vertigo!

 The Garden in Green Mountain

Spring is my favorite season. The promise of warmer weather, the new green shoots poking from the earth and planning of my garden for the season.

Gardening has been a hobby of mine since I was a child, clutching some sunflower seeds snatched from the bird feeder to plant in my plot of dirt in our large back yard. Part of my father's expansive garden had small area just for me and my plantings.

Well, it seems the shops of Vintage Vertigo feel the same way. Here are just a few of the listings that will add to your garden this season.

Even if your flowers aren't blooming yet, you can add interest with some garden art,

from HoardersShop this sweet frog parked under a perennial bed is a fun feature.

Or how about this turtle nestled among the ground cover from the very talented Daniel at MountainArtCasting?

Add some whimsy with this elf from VintageCeramicsGlass

Or keeping with the mushroom theme, this unusual and fun Tiered Garden Totem from MegsEndeavors would add a special magical touch to any garden.

Are you stuck for ideas for your garden, how about these books to help you design a wonderful vintage garden?
 From the Etsy Shop, TwoButtons4Ever

or if an old fashioned English Garden is your preference? AudsDelightsVintage has the perfect book for you.

Get the kids involved with their very own watering can 

Vintage Childs Watering Can

 and gather the flowers or your harvest with this wooden basket 

 Rustic Wooden Caddy Basket

or just sit back and relax on this wonderful vintage chair from KarensChicNShabby

Vintage Metal Lawn Chair

For a rustic and unusual conversation piece, prop this insect sprayer next to your favorite tree and watch your guests' reaction, from TreasuresFromTexas

You will be proud to display this sign from ColonialCrafts in your beautiful vintage garden.

Grapevine Garden Welcome Sign

Just a few of the wonderful treasures from TeamVintageVertigo on Etsy.  Come join us.  To find more,  search on Etsy, v2team garden

Written by Tanjla of the Etsy Shop, rhinestonesrock

26 March 2014

The Vintage Gentleman & His Man Cave!

from boredpanda.com

This week's spotlight is on the vintage gentleman. If the 1950s housewife was the queen of her kitchen domain, her husband was the king of his little corner of the world which included his workshop, bar, backyard barbecue and den.

So let's take a peek inside to see what may be the early forerunner of what we know fondly call the man cave!

After a hard day at the office the vintage gentleman likes nothing better than to come home, put his slippers on and read the paper.

Why not relax with a comfortable ottoman from KarensChicNShabby?

Vintage Green Ottoman

Before they sit down to dinner the vintage gentleman likes to have a cocktail with the Mrs. to discuss the day:

 How about these glasses from Barware Breweriana?

Beefeater Gin Tall Highball Glasses

Then it's time to head out to the patio to man the grill:  From the Etsy shop, Old Fine Things

After a delightful meal with the family he may decide to head to the workshop to finish that project he's been working on:

And at the end of the evening he may grab a book before lights out: From Fine Romance

Sum of All Fears by Tom Clancy

Remember, Father's Day is right around the corner as well as birthdays, graduations, and weddings and the shops of the Vintage Vertigo team are well stocked with something for everyone!

The author of this blog post is Amy of the Etsy shop DottieDigs Vintage and MrDottieDigsVintage:


23 March 2014

Creating Your Own Unique Space

Today’s home décor style is trending away from the box store “matchy matchy” look to a more personalized, comfortable feel that reflects the unique style of the people living in the space. 

It’s about time! More and more often, we see a space filled with an eclectic collection of items acquired from family members, souvenirs from past travels, and pieces – new and old - that are loved for emotional or practical reasons.

People often ask, “How do I know my space works and I am blending correctly?“ Your space will work for you if you buy and use furniture and décor items that you truly love - your own unique style will shine through. The items that hold the most meaning for you reflect your distinct taste, usually having a similar style, color or theme. Embrace the subtle differences amongst items, because those nuances add interest to a space. So if you hold true to using items that inspire you and that you love, you really can’t go wrong!

That being said, here are three tips to help in blending vintage and more modern elements in a space.

Opposites Do Attract - Don’t be afraid to pair opposites. Make use of a similar color palette to seamlessly blend them in a space. Here are two vintage items from different eras that would work perfectly well together in a space: 
From the Etsy shop, RetroDaisyGirl

And this beautiful 1940's Dresden Plate Quilt from the shop FineRomance:

Repurpose What You Have – It pays to take a second look at items you may have stored in the attic or have otherwise forgotten about long ago. For example, an old typewriter table can easily be repurposed as an end table or bedside table.

 (photo courtesy of diynetwork.com)

The industrial character of this table is right at home with its more formal surroundings.

Embrace Textiles – Textiles, from fabrics to knitted and crocheted items, add interest, color and warmth to a space and can be used to bridge the gap between vintage and modern. Here is a wonderful example:

(photo courtesy of homedit.com)

There are so many routes to take in home décor – from shabby chic to mid-century to rustic to industrial – and so many more. Choose what inspires you and you can’t go wrong! 

The author of this post is Deb from CobblestonesVintage on Etsy

21 March 2014

Take Me To A Potluck!

noun \ˈpät-ˈlək, 1b also -ˌlək\
: a meal to which everyone who is invited brings food to share.

I personally Love a good Potluck dinner, preferably one served in a small town Knights of Columbus Hall or similar venue. Everyone invited brings out their tried and true best recipes to these events. Anticipation grows as the ladies setting up the meal bring out dish after dish and line them up on a long table. The tantalizing smells delight your nose and Rainbow hues of various types of Jello Salad are a sight to behold. After a quick blessing, everyone makes their way along the line, paper plate in hand.
Why bring your Sensational rendition of Tater Tot Casserole, King Ranch Chicken or Swedish Meatballs in an ordinary clear glass pan? Jazz up your presentation and be the envy of the Potluck with a Vintage Covered Casserole Dish!

This Fitz and Floyd Casserole has style to spare! The Red and White Polka Dots are a classic color combination and the tall shape is great for soups and stews. Offered by Comforte on Etsy.

The Turquoise and Brown coloring on this Village Green Line dish are fresh for today’s kitchen. Offered by The Little Red Hen on Etsy.

Pottery dishes are a great way to keep your food warm much longer. Bright Orange Covered Dish from the Etsy shop TimelessTreasuresbyM

Traditional Pyrex Covered Casseroles are the workhorses of a Potluck. Both beautiful and strong. All available from Mamabirds Vintage on Etsy.


For added Elegance, try this Aluminum Covered Casserole from Etsy shop Fine Romance

To see more Covered Casserole Cuties, search: V2 Team Covered Casserole on Etsy.com.

The author of this blog post is Renee of LucyBettyNJune whose Etsy shop focuses on Retro Kitchen Items, Vintage Housewares and much more.

17 March 2014

Call on Cynthia - Week Four

Dear Cynthia,
I am a husband who keeps his nose to the grindstone, but need to come up and smell the roses every once in a while so I would like to spend a romantic evening with my wife either at home or out on the town. Any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Flowers and candy? A home cooked meal? Dinner and a movie? Please help!
Dear Hardworking Hubby,

Thank you for the thoughtful query and especially for including a photo. Did anyone ever tell you that you bear a striking resemblance to Mr. Gregory Peck?

Très debonair! But, I digress. Back to the pressing matter at hand - how to treat your beloved bride like a queen!

The key to planning a passionate evening is to make it as wonderfully unique as your wife. Pay careful attention to her preferences and desires. Take notes if you must, my dear man - true romance is in the details!

If your wife enjoys dinner, dancing and theater, this is the prime time to whisk her away for whirlwind evening about town. A quiet night at home is also the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your beloved.

Either way, set the tone for a positively dreamy evening with a few simple steps:

Surprise your wife by arriving home with an armful of roses in her most loved color. Any shade will be a stand out in this gorgeous vase from MidwestMilkGlass:


Show your sweet side by serving your wife's favorite candy on this beautiful dish from EncoreEmporium:


Take a twirl around the living room to the love songs playing on this terrific radio from KarensChicNShabby:

Toast to many more happy years together with these fabulous champagne flutes from RhinestonesRock:

                       VintageChampagne Flutes

Miss Cynthia guarantees an evening of enchantment! Your wife will spend the next day gushing to all her girlfriends about what a dreamboat you are!

Remember: when faced with a vintage dilemma, don't fret! Simply chill the champagne and CALL ON CYNTHIA!

Cynthia is a pseudonym for Angela of SunshineSurprises

14 March 2014

Movements in Home Décor and Fashion - Part Four

Part Four: Depression and Post-War Era

The wave of hope brought forward by the art movements was greatly diminished by the worldwide economic downturn known as “The Great Depression.” The depression began in the US after the stock crash in 1929, which sent economic shock-waves throughout the world, lasted about a decade, and preceded the “War of all Wars.”

These tragic circumstances had a great influence on all aspects of society including fashion, design, and commerce. Out of necessity, this became a time of prudence and resourcefulness: fashions became modest and household items were practical. Everyone sought to conserve resources first out of need, and later as a way to contribute to the war effort. A perfect example of this era’s frugality can be seen in the abundance of girls’ dresses made out of feed sacks. The trend was fueled when manufacturers, realizing the housewives’ thriftiness, started producing sacks with small floral and other prints. (Photo Credit: Country Woman Magazine, girls wearing feed-sack dresses)

A popular household item of the depression, which also came indirectly from the food industry, was pressed colored glass later known as “Depression Glass.” Companies, such as Quaker Oats, began putting small pieces of glassware inside boxes of oats to increase sales. Depression glass came in many colors and patterns. Some popular colors were pink, blue, and green: 

           Pink Princess Plates                  Blue Federal Butter Dish                    Green Glass
             by The Sweet Basil                   by Treasures from Texas            by JP Country Market

The dismal world economy was a contributing factor to territorial wars that began in Europe and eventual involved over 100 countries. The USA entered the war in 1941 with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. After the war ended in 1945 the US occupied Japan until 1953. During this time, all items made in Japan for the US market were marked “Made in Occupied Japan.” The date-specific mark has made these items popular with collectors, and they are becoming increasingly difficult to find. See this Mt. Fuji Plate By Comforte as an example of these very affordable historic collectibles:

When the war ended, the mood of the nation quickly turned from depression to victory. Soldiers returned with strengthened love for home and family; and advanced manufacturing, developed during war-time, prompted new economic opportunity. We see this new outlook displayed in full color in magazine ads such as this one offered at Mamie Z Vintage.

The conservation of the last 15 years ends and makes way to color and light in both fashion and home décor: dark sturdy woods are replaced with painted woods and bright plastic; small flour-sack prints are replaced with large bold patterns; and drab brown, grey, and blues are replaced with white, gold, and the wildly popular pink! In this Post-War Era, the “American Dream” is renewed and promoted with unprecedented elegance in Hollywood. Movies focused on romance, adventure, and glam and Hollywood reached the height of its “Golden Age.” Going to the movies became more than a way to get war-news; it was a simple luxury and a venue to discover new trends. A most popular design trend, later named “Hollywood Regency,” begins to leave the sets of Hollywood and makes its way into “modern” homes.

These new trends influenced the Modern Movement, lasting into the 1960’s, which we shall explore next time!

This is fourth of a five part series on Design Styles written by Mary of FineRomance on Etsy.

11 March 2014

Old Fashioned County Fair Series - Part 1

A fond memory growing up is that at the end of the harvest season you could always count on the county fair coming up! I’ll bet this is a fond memory for many of us. I think the smells of being in the fairgrounds stick with you the most. Upon first walking through the gates you smell the sawdust and straw underfoot. The further you go into the midst of it all, a strong whiff of cotton candy, popcorn and candy apples gets your tummy growling. Of course there were all the sounds going on in the background of people laughing, children squealing in delight from one ride or the other, and the “barkers” trying to get you to come play a shooting game. But the “good” smells bring back the best memories of the fair.

Most of the ladies always wanted to go into the buildings for all of the food contests. Oh, that was heaven, stepping into those buildings with all the different smells of fruit pies, cakes and candies hitting you all at once! Yum! Homemade apple pie, blueberry pie, pecan pie, oh the list goes on and on!

Etsy Shop: AnnesAccumulations

Etsy Shop: Sfuso

Etsy Shop: BlueMoonAttic

Etsy Shop: MamabirdsVintage

Etsy Shop: KarensChicNShabby

You could stroll through the aisles and aisles of all manner of sweets items. Your mouth would be watering at each homemade cake you saw all the way! Oh, that delicious chocolate cake, just like Granny use to make - or the sweetest Strawberry cake - and don’t forget that made from scratch pound cake!


Etsy Shop: DottieDigsVintage

Etsy Shop: LittleRedHenONLINE

Etsy Shop: CrescentThriftShop

You can find all of the great vintage items highlighted in this article on Etsy - all brought to you by teammates of the V2 Team!

Recipes for all homemade cakes & pies in this article can be found on the Vintage Vertigo Eats button at the top left of this page.

On our next visit to the old fashioned county fair, we’ll relive more wonderful memories of this special time when we travel through the home canned goods contest building.

The author of this blog post is Denise from the etsy shop CountryMiniatures