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19 July 2015

Ask Annie - The Summer Visit

Our Dear Cynthia retired, and Ask Annie will try to assist you with all those pesky problems and questions we all wonder about.


Dear Annie, 
The Wicked Witch of the West is coming....oh, did I really say that?  mmmm...My mother-in-law is coming for a visit, and I am in a panic! We are hosting a backyard party while she is here, and our yard is a hot mess! Please give me some ideas before her broom lands (I mean airplane). 
Thank you!
Groaning in Galveston

Dear Groaning,
Put a smile on dearie and hang on. Here's all you need to make your party successful!

First, proudly display your Welcome to our Garden sign.
 Grapevine Wreath Garden Art Wreath Garden Decor Outdoor Art Outdoor wall art Garden OOAK Welcome Sign by colonialcrafts on Etsy

Use this Vintage Tea Trolley to easily roll around during the party and fill it with delicious fruits and champagne. Yummy! And if you roll over the witch's pointy toe someone's foot by accident, you can quickly offer another flute of the bubbly. Maybe she won't remember the mishap.

Next on the list: Say "cheese" for a photo to remember this backyard soiree. Sweetly suggest that the witch your mother-in-law pose on this fabulous Camel Garden Seat. Ooopsie.....now run for a towel or two like the tornado in Gone With the Wind before her wicked witch's wand anger bubbles over.

Count your blessings, honey, that you planned ahead with Annie's advice. The bad woman guest of honor will be pleased, no worries.

Don't forget the bug spray, darlin'. Those Texas mosquitoes can be quite annoying. (When she begins coughing, that's when you can stop pumping the sprayer.) 

These adorable ladybug flower picks should make her black heart undecided opinion of your garden decorating skills soar.

All your guests will admire this lovely Angel Garden Bird Feeder ...

Sugar, fill this large metal wall planter on your patio wall with some hardy summer flowers. Even Cruella Deville hubby's mama will compliment the arrangement.

Birds will scramble to be the first nesters in this patriotic stars and stripes bird house ...

This beautiful vintage salad bowl set will impress your guests.

After dinner and a few rounds of poker, the company goes home.
Congress Playing Card Ad "One Touch Tells You" Original Advertising 1950's

When the party is over, and She-Devil mom-in-law kicks off her shoes, you can be proud of your home and your entertaining skills.  

Just Ask Annie any time, any questions for advice on any subject. Hope you know who had a magical visit!

Ta ta for now,

"Ask Annie" will be a recurring feature, written by our own Anne from AnnesAccummulations.

06 July 2015

Christmas In July 2015

How Hot is It???

It's hotter than....
a pig on a flapjack.
a firecracker lit on both ends.
the Devil's armpit.

It's so hot.....
you could fry an egg on an ice cube.
the trees are whistling for dogs.
you could roast marshmallows on your belly.
you could eat hot peppers to cool off your mouth.
you can make Instant Sun Tea.
the chickens are laying hard boiled eggs 

Forget about that hot weather for now and enjoy some great items from the Vintage Vertigo Team members. Remember to click on the image or link for further information about each item. Here's a little holiday music to get you in the mood! And perhaps a snow scene will help cool you off....


Remember when it was like this......

Snow piled high.... more snow than you knew what to do with.  Alright, well not all of you had snow.... those who live in our southern states can only imagine what it might be like. In fact you might be craving some of those cool temperatures about now.

So, come with me as we enjoy some Christmas In July offerings!

Vintage Coca Cola Holiday Advertisement Collection / Santa Claus Holiday Designs / Home Decor / Ready To Frame / Paper Ephemera / Set of 4


CIJ SALE Red Snowflake Ski Sweater Vintage Hand Knit

Christmas Santa Clause Salt and Pepper Shakers 1992

ON SALE Delfts Blue/Blauw Chenkefa De Winter Plate Made in Holland Hand Painted 1960's

Happy July 4th Corningware Winter Frost Set of 2 Coffee Mugs Corelle Livingware

Floral Planter with Holiday Ribbon, Red & Gold, Ceramic

Doll vintage plastic toy Snow-maiden. Russia, USSR

Vintage Christmas Tree Set, Christmas in July, Vintage, Rhinestone & Faux Pearl Pendant, Pierced Earrings

Christmas Necktie w Mouse and Presents Dark Blue Novelty Tie Christmas party favorite Decorated on both sides

Thanks for visiting today! Hope you enjoyed our little
Christmas in July Celebration!

Brought to you by
The Vintage Vertigo Team on Etsy
Diane ~ CraveCute