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16 October 2015

Black Cats on Vintage Vertigo!

In Celebration of Black Cat Awareness Month! 

My lovely black cat, Guy Noir, in the spooky image below, wants to remind you to support your local animal shelter by adopting a black cat.  Black cats are always some of the last ones adopted and are in need of loving homes.  If you're not able to adopt, then donate to your local animal shelter!

"Guy Noir"

If a real black cat is not an option for you, how about one of these decorative types?

Here are some great Black Cat items from a few Vintage Vertigo members on Etsy.  Click on the images below that you like and the link will take you to the Etsy listing for the item.

Vintage Kitty Cat  Hanging Key Holder, Black, White

Cute vintage Halloween napkins set of 6 

 Black Cat Pepper Shaker

Antique cast iron cat,iron door stop,black cat,home decor,farmhouse decor,iron animal,

 Black Cat Illustration, Black and Green wall art

Vintage Slinky Black Cat Figurine with Yellow Eyes (E5529)

Vintage Mid Century Black Cat Bookends + Pen Holders Made In Japan

 Black Cat Letter Holder , Vintage Letter Holder , Cat Decor , Retro Desk Accessory

 Avon Perfume Black Cat Bottle Sweet Honesty milk glass 1972 molded plastic head 3.5 inches tall

 Beistle Halloween Honeycomb Witch Cauldron Cat Moon 1970s

 Cat Brooch Pin Black and White Enamel with Rhinestones

Custom Vintage Victorian Altered Halloween Greeting Card, Custom Order, Pumpkins Black Cats

 Guy relaxing in my office.

Thank you for visiting! 
Remember to hug your black cat today.... and every day! And Guy wants to also remind you to buy plenty of treats and toy mice for your kitties too! 
Have a great week! See you soon!
~~ Diane and Guy ~~

Diane is the Owner of
CraveCute on Etsy 

05 October 2015

Ask Annie - The Halloween Party

Dear Annie, 
We are hosting a Halloween Party this year for the families in our new neighborhood. I am stumped about Halloween decorations that are fun AND appropriate for children and adults. Please help!
Waiting for Inspiration
Dear Waiting,

Isn't this a fabulous time of year? The weather is cooling off, the trees are changing colors (somewhere, but not in Texas). Best of all, there's Halloween to celebrate. My mom made my sister's and my costume every year. One time, we were Casper the Ghost and his friend Wendy, the sweet little witch. Another time, we were gypsy girls, with each of us fighting over Mama's scarves about who got the fancy one, the red one, the striped one...ha ha....Whether you like a scary haunted house or simply a bowl full of candy, here's all you need for a successful Halloween Party.

Waiting, I suggest that the little kids have their party inside, and the big kids (most call them the adults) can party on the patio. First, let's decorate for the children.

This adorable candle would be perfect on top of an orange pumpkin shaped cake.
Vintage Ghost on Trick or Treat Bag Halloween Candle, Halloween Decor, laslovelies

This smiling white ghost is just right!
vintage wooden ghost handmade 

Snap a picture of each child along side this gentleman jack-o-lantern.
https://www.etsy.com/listing/191071046/jack-o-lantern-gourd-pumpkin-halloween?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=v2%20v2team%20halloween&ref=sr_gallery_21 lindafrenchgallery

After a few games, cake, and candy, read a Halloween story to the kiddos.


Now, on to the big kid party decor.  This large copper coal bucket will hold ice and adult beverages just fine.

Wind chimes will add something to the party - especially if one of your "happy" guests who has visited the copper bucket one too many times gets tangled up in it!


A perfect witch ensemble!

And, of course these shoes should be worn with THE DRESS.

In keeping with the theme, this black barware and orange pitcher provides the full Halloween affect.


Waiting, I hope your party is a Grand success.

Happy Halloween!