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28 February 2014

Call on Cynthia - Week 3

Dear Cynthia,

Family is coming for dinner and I'm all out of ideas for feeding this hungry crowd. I've seen those new fangled frozen TV dinners at the supermarket.
Would this satisfy my ravenous relatives?

June Cleaver

Timely query, darling June! A stroll down the frozen food aisle of the market is certainly becoming quite a culinary adventure these days. Why toil away in the kitchen when creative chefs in food factories all across America now provide everything from tasty appetizers to decadent desserts?

I firmly believe that all food is delicious if it is served by a smiling hostess and presented in an elegant setting.

Drape your dining table with this beautiful cloth from TheSweetBasil:

Artfully arrange your main course on these delightful dinner plates from littlecleoathome:

Keep the wine and conversation flowing throughout dinner with these gorgeous goblets from YaYasAttic:
VintageDiamond Optic Wine Glasses

Satisfy everyone's sweet tooth with a lovely dessert served in these sparkling bowls from TreasuresFromTexas:

Follow these simple steps and your guests will be begging for your "recipes". No need to panic! Simply smile demurely and distract them with another glass of wine.

Remember: when faced with a vintage dilemma, don't fret! Simply chill the champagne and CALL ON CYNTHIA!

Cynthia is a pseudonym for Angela at SunshineSurprises on Etsy

26 February 2014

Coffee Klatch Cuties

Coffee Klatch Cuties

While “Freebie” or “Gimmie” Coffee Cups serve their purpose and are quite functional, enjoying your favorite hot beverage from a Vintage Cup or Mug makes your experience so much more pleasurable!

I have a collection of Vintage and Retro Coffee “Singles” and love to switch them out daily when having my morning cup! 

Vintage mugs are an easy and inexpensive way to freshen and liven your kitchen at home or your desk at work. 

 They are such conversation starters too! Before you reach for that generic A+ Insurance Cup one more time, consider some of these lovelies.

Holt Howard is famous for their Mod Coffee Mug designs and patterns. This elegant set from
BlissandVinegar will be the envy of your Coffee Klatch!

Pyrex is one of those brands that stand the test of time! Sturdy and beautiful, these sweet floral cups from DottieDigsVintage are a sure-fire winner!

This Fire King duo from CheshiresFantasy is a real eye-opener! Straight from the 60's with today's popular Ombre design, this sweet pair will definitely turn heads.

Drip Glaze Mugs were a '70's staple. This little doll from WeeLambieVintage is a dreamy example.

         In the mood for a bit of “Character” in your Cup? How about these Irish Coffee Mugs
         from SunshineSurprises

Vintage Space-Saving selection in funky Avocado Green from VintiquesandMore. Super solution to display all your Retro Mugs!!

All of these wonderful cups are available from the members of the Vintage Vertigo Team on Etsy.

The author of this blog post is Renee of LucyBettyNJune whose Etsy shop focuses on Retro Kitchen Items and much more.

23 February 2014

Call on Cynthia - Week 2

Hello Cynthia,

Lately my husband comes home from work, and flops himself in front of the black and white television set. While I am cooking dinner, he yells at me to come and adjust the rabbit ears.
I am feeling a little disrespected. What can I do to interest him in me again?
Neglected in Colorado

Dear Neglected,

Oh, you poor darling! Turn that cad into a Casanova with a few simple steps from Cynthia!

Always make sure your lipstick is picture perfect when your husband arrives with this mirror from TheSweetBasil:

Create a relaxing ambiance with candlelight using these beautiful candlesticks from FreeLiving:

Soothe his jangled nerves with a fabulous cocktail poured into these terrific glasses from  WeeLambieVintage:


Dazzle him with the knowledge of gridiron greats you've gleaned from this handy guide of NFL Players  from VintageCarolina,  

And about you cooking dinner, Dear? Pish-posh! After implementing the tips above, you'll be far too busy for such mundane domestic tasks. Plan ahead and schedule a delivery from your favorite Italian restaurant. Buon appetito!

Remember: when faced with a vintage dilemma, don't fret! Simply chill the champagne and CALL ON CYNTHIA!

Cynthia is a pseudonym for Angela of  the Etsy shop SunshineSurprises

20 February 2014

Pyrex Hoarding 101

Recently, someone asked me, "Why do the young people like Pyrex so much?

One reason could be because they remember seeing it at Grandmother’s house when they were growing up. Many times a cherished kitchen item brings back memories and might even have a story to tell. I’ve been immediately attracted to a special gem thinking, “My mom had one just like this.” There are so many to choose from; bowls, casseroles, refrigerator sets, chip & dips, serving and utility pieces. Who can resist joining in on the fun?
From the shop FineOldThings

It’s exciting to look for and discover the different, pretty patterns of these vintage milk glass dishes. When a collector spots one of the sought after patterns or designs in an online shop or at an estate sale it can bring the thrill of discovery similar to that of a treasure hunt. My husband carries a copy of the Pyrex Love pattern reference guide with him in his car just in case he spots a rare promotional piece for my daughter’s collection. Those finds make great birthday or Christmas gifts. http://www.pyrexlove.com/vintage-pyrex-pattern-guide/

Pyrex is something that can be used on a day to day basis as well as gorgeous in a display. My daughter’s favorites are pink and turquoise because they match the mid-century modern color scheme in her kitchen and dining room. Remember; never take Pyrex between temperature extremes, such as straight from the refrigerator to the oven because it could shatter. When using pieces of Pyrex, make sure you wash them gently and don’t put these vintage dishes into a dishwasher, which can make them look powdery or faded. Most collectors are careful to place something between their pieces when stacking so they don’t scratch the patterns. If you take good care of your prized dishes, they should serve you well and hold many delicious meals for your family to enjoy.

from mamiezvintage Etsy shop

Now, what are your favorite colors and designs? Happy hunting!

From Gail at BlueMoonAttic

17 February 2014

Part Two: Edwardian Period

Next in our mini-series, we will be looking at the Edwardian Period. This era is marked by the reign of King Edward VII of England, following the death of his mother Queen Victoria. It begins in 1901 and continues beyond the death of the king, in 1910, to the beginning of WWI in 1914.
Edward’s reign was not long, but marked a period of influence in the world of fashion and style. With advances in travel and communication, the world was getting smaller and fashion and décor markets saw a broader international influence. Styles were shifting from the incredible detail and decadence of the Victorian Era, to a more sleek and elegant look. Edwardian culture began a romance with progress which greatly influenced designers.

Woman’s fashion, for example, underwent a dramatic change - hemlines remained floor length, but skirt lost their cumbersome weight and fullness, dresses were often sleeveless, and necklines swooped. These changes reflected the new found mobility and multi-facet culture of the Edwardian era.
Home décor, furniture, and architecture followed in the footsteps of the fashion trends. Furniture that was once covered in carved birds and painted roses is now seen with simplistic lines and experimental materials, such as wood veneer.

Three prominent characteristics reflected in the Edwardian Period are elegance, romance, and progress. Edwardian décor items available on Etsy are highlighted below:


A perfect example of elegance can be found in these frames. Note the simple lines and style sense.

1900 Oval Frame offered by




Sandwiched between Victoria’s advances of the finer things in life, such as art and music, and the world’s major wars, the Edwardian period was a time of innocence, wonder, and the hopeless romantic. Romance takes on a boldness not seen in the Victorian period. Couples are motivated more by attraction, love, and romance and less by a sense of economic stability and status. These romantic notions can be seen in these items from at DottieDigs Vintage:

     TheRight Man, published in 1908


                   WeddingPortrait, 1900


As mentioned, this time period was greatly influenced by the ease and lure of travel. Love for adventure during this period is perhaps best expressed with the sailing of the Titanic in all its splendor. Travel was no longer set aside for the brave and affluent, but becomes accessible to the common man, who could now travel by automobile, train, or ship. These die cast plaques of turn of the century automobiles offered by Snapshots through Time are a great example of the era’s contribution to travel:

Another sign of progress during this turn of the century era was the expansion and availability of electricity. Although the light bulb had been invented some 30 years earlier, electricity started to take hold during this time frame.

Here is a lovely example of a turn of the century light fixture (turned candle holder) at VintiquesandMore

The romance and adventure of the Edwardian period was a catalyst into the well-loved Arts and Crafts period, sparking an unprecedented period of creativity and invention. Looking forward to next time, when we explore this stunning period of time!

This is the second of a five part series on vintage design written by Mary of the shop FineRomance

14 February 2014

Call on Cynthia!

Call on Cynthia is a weekly blog feature where you ladies or gentlemen can get prompt and helpful answer to all your life's problems.

Cynthia is a world renowned beauty and fashion expert and holds a PHD in Nature Sciences. Cynthia is a vintage gal living in a 21st century world.

Dear Cynthia,
I'm looking for tips on mixing vintage accessories and jewelry with today's fashions.

How I admire you daring young gals for your bold fashion choices!

Of course, Miss Cynthia wouldn't dream of leaving the house dressed in anything other than the latest look from a 1955 Vogue. Yet, I can understand how one might want to "mix it up" a bit.

The best way to add just the right touch of vintage glamour to even the most modern of outfits? A brooch! It elevates everything from blue jeans to a party dress. Vintage brooches are a delightfully versatile fashion accessory. They can adorn anything from your shoulder, waist, coat, hat or pocketbook.

A vintage brooch in a sleek modern style is always spot on, like this one from the Etsy shop PoppyLesti

Gold Swirl Brooch

A rhinestone brooch adds a pop of color to even the drabbest duds.

This lovely Vintage Butterfly Pin is perfect. You can see and other vintage goodies at KarensChicNShabby

Celebrate every season with a charming holiday brooch:
Bunny Rabbit Pin with green rhinestones from MrsRshop

Need another wonderful way to show the world you're in the fashion know without compromising your vintage sensibilities? Select a vintage brooch that reflects the hottest fashion color of the moment. The 2014 Pantone Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid.

 This Lisner Pink & Fuchsia Brooch  brooch from mamiezvintage is perfect.

When faced with a vintage dilemma, don't fret! Simply chill the champagne and CALL ON CYNTHIA!

Cynthia is a creation of Angela of SunshineSurprises, please watch for a new column each week. if you would like to ask Cynthia a question, please do so in the comments for this blog post.  You may be lucky enough to have your question answered in her next column.

09 February 2014

Movements in Home Décor and Fashion


Movements in Home Décor and Fashion became particularly interesting during the mid-19th century Victorian era. With the onset of the industrial age, advanced transportation, and growing ease of communication, fashion and décor trade markets (such as those found in Paris, London, and New York) experience a growing influence on world trends. For the first time in history, new ideas – which reflected changes in social ideologies – were able to be tested and marketed in a matter of months. Trends that used to take hold for generations, now changed generationally, and soon became identifiable by the decade, and then to the ever-changing fickle “season.” 

In this 5-part series, we will be exploring five major movements in home décor: The Victorian Era, The Edwardian Period, The Arts and Craft Period, The Depression Era, and the Modern Era. Generally speaking, with each new era we see a movement away from elaborate detailed romantic pieces to ones that are more organic, and streamline. These changes reflect broader social changes which move from values of stability, tradition, and durability to a more mobile, free, and “less-stuffy” outlook on life and living.

Part One: Victorian Era

The Victorian Era is marked by the reign of Queen Victoria of England beginning in 1837 until her passing in 1901. Her reign is celebrated as a time of peace and growth for England which has a great impact on the world of art, music, architecture, home décor, and fashion. Following the rational and sensible Georgian period, the Victorian era is seen as one of romance, elaborate elegance, and refinement. Victorian society valued tradition, durability, social status, and entertainment. Families amassed estates with large collections to pass down from one generation to the next as a sign of stability and wealth. The traits of Victoria era décor are fanciness, rich colors, durable materials, and elaborate details – each explored below:


When one thinks of the Victoria Era the word “Fancy” comes to mind. Everything was fancy beyond reason. Fashions were both elaborate and reserved. Men and women alike were clothed from top to bottom in layer after layer including lacy cotton undergarment, embroidered top clothing, wool hats, gloves, silk stockings, laced-up boots, and buttoned overcoats. Variations continued throughout the period for example - In the United States the Victorian influence is seen in the Civil War fashion, in the late Victorian period we see the addition of ladies bustles, and in France we see a bit more freedom and romance in ladies’ hair styles. Victorian fashion motifs were commonly seen on home décor and art items, such as this French Fashion Print offered by Vintage Carolina:

Likewise, home décor was fancy, fancy. Tables were set with elaborate china and specialized serving dishes, including such novelties as butter pats, individual salt bowls, celery dishes, and knife rests. This pair of crystal and silver knife rests is a prime example of Victorian extravagance. They may look like rare jewels, but they are design for the mundane task of keeping holding the blade of a used knife off the fine linens.


The color pallet was rich and inspired by the romance of nature. Colors varied from deep reds, muted blues, fresh greens, and rosy pinks. Multi-colored items with pretty details were signs of good tastes and fashion: These Limoges Orphan Teacups offered by Nostalgic Rose show the natural theme and colors elevated by fine detailing and gold trim:

This level of elegance was not reserved to the dining room. Here we see the attention to detail, warm colors, and a floral motif in this wonderful Vanity Box offered by Wee Lambie Vintage


Materials popular in the Victorian era were equally regal and included carved oak for furniture, heavy velvet for curtains, refined pottery for vases, handmade lace for bedding, and a variety of embossed metals for household items.

This set of ornate brass door knobs from Karen’s Chic and Shabby

and the Gilt Frame offered by Lakeside Cottage show off the craftsmanship of the day:

Victorian elements continued to influence fashion and décor. In the 1980’s, for example, we find Victorian inspired lacy accents to blouses and skirts. Even today we find lace-up Victorian inspired boots on department store shelves. The Victorian period is unforgettable and has had an durable impacted on fashion, décor, art, and music.

Mary is the owner of the Etsy shop FineRomance

06 February 2014

Vintage Vertigo Party Planning, Entertaining Tips and Recipes - February Edition

Welcome to the first of a monthly column titled Vintage Vertigo Party Planning, Entertaining Tips and Recipes. 

We hope you find something that will give your picnic, buffet, dinner party, brunch or holiday celebration that little extra kick of fun, vintage flair.

(This month's guest contributor is Amy from DottieDigsVintage)

Through the years, Betty Crocker cookbooks have been full of ideas for the 1950s and 1960s hostess, regardless if he or she is hosting a patio party or elegant dinner for 2.

Since February is the month of love, what better gift to give your special valentine than the joy of a specially prepared meal, seated at an elegantly set table with all the trimmings. So let's turn to Betty again for her tips on setting the scene for that elegant meal for 2.

What fun for a change to set a formal table! Now is the time to use your silver, china, favorite damask tablecloth and of course that heirloom candelabra.

From the shop, TheSweetBasil, set your table with this Vintage Tablecloth with Six Napkins

No need to place your centerpiece in the center of the table. Go for some flair and drama and place is at one end of the table. 

This allows you to use something large and dramatic which would otherwise prevent you from gazing into your valentine's eyes.

How about this beautiful Wild Lotus Blossom Centerpiece? You can find it in jpcountrymarket

Mix and match things. Fruits with evergreen boughs in an unusual container like a soup tureen, casserole or stemmed goblets.

Place a row of simple artichokes on a beautiful table runner, or a grouping of fruit together in monochromatic winter colors of red, raspberry and cranberry colors inside a brass antique bowl.

To make your table serving beautiful and unique, use these Floral Porcelain Plates from

Candles are another way to adorn a table, sideboard, mantel or around the room.

Place beeswax candles in an arrangement of flowers or vegetables or small votive candles set on vintage saucers at each place setting.

For a special touch, use this beautiful  Vintage Brass Candle Holder from the Etsy shop, fineoldthings

Just remember, anything goes. Make it festive, fun, imaginative or even amusing. Be bold and colorful or modern and minimal. It is all up to you!

Once the table is set thoughts may turn to what you will be serving. Meals made ahead of time allow you as the hostess to also enjoy the evening.   

Perhaps a boeuf à la Bourguignonne which has been simmering all day, a seafood lasagna or something as simple as a roast chicken. Beef Stroganoff is a classic vintage dish that never goes out of style!

Dessert for valentine's day is always fun and all the better when it is something a little over the top which adds the perfect ending to a delicious meal. Maybe something classic like red velvet cake, baked Alaska, or some simple homemade chocolate truffles with strawberries dipped in chocolate served on a lovely silver tray.  

And how about a toast with these Vintage Champagne Flutes from rhinestonesrock

So mix and match, keep it simple or as that famous chef says "Kick it up a notch" but whatever you do, enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day from the Vintage Vertigo team!

All of the vintage décor is from the shops of the Vintage Vertigo team for your Valentines Day entertaining:

 Here is a special recipe for you to add to your collection!

Beef Stroganoff
2 pounds beef tenderloin
1/4 cup butter or margarine
1 can (6 ounces) sliced mushrooms, drained
2 cans (10 1/2 ounces each) condensed beef broth (bouillon)
1/3 cup instant minced onion
1/4 cup catsup
1 1/2 teaspoons garlic salt
1/3 cup all-purpose flour
8 to 10 ounces uncooked medium noodles
2 cups dairy sour cream
3 tablespoons butter or margarine

First Edition Betty Crocker Cookbook                

Cut meat across the grain into 3/4 inch slices, then into strips 3 x 1/4 inch. Melt 1/4 cup butter in large skillet. Add mushrooms and cook and stir about 5 minutes. Remove mushrooms.

In same skillet, cook meat until light brown. Reserving 2/3 cup of the broth, stir in remaining broth, the onion, catsup and garlic salt. Cover and simmer 15 minutes. Blend reserved broth and the flour; stir into meat. Add mushrooms; heat to boiling, stirring constantly. Boil and stir 1 minute. Cool, cover and refrigerate.

Cook noodles as directed on package. Heat stroganoff over low heat. Stir in sour cream, heat through. Drain noodles; toss with 3 tablespoons butter. Serve with stroganoff.

From the Betty Crocker's Dinner Parties, A Contemporary Guide To Easy Entertaining, copyright 1970s

As seen in the shop of