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21 February 2016

Spring Springs!

Some of us are not quite experiencing it yet, but Spring is springing throughout the country.  I've noticed that some of you have mentioned that you're still in the midst of inclement weather with snow showers and rain.  Never fear as Spring shall soon spring in your neck of the woods.  Here are a few Team Vintage Vertigo shops and some faved items of each.  I am hopeful it will help to wipe away those winter blues...

I was over at a friends blog and just wanted to share with you her beautiful shot of white blossom in a open meadow that just reminds me of the Spring to come.  This shot was taken by

over at RedRoseAlley on blogspot.

Spring and afternoon picnics.  This lovely little

is offered over at

Just the perfect tin to hold snacks and a few drinks for that spontaneous getaway.  Besure to stop by to see more of Trish's wonderful vintage finds.

Teamie Dale from the vintage goods Etsy shop

has for your purchasing pleasure this lovely vintage

that's sure to give your picnic or dining table that Spring feel.  Check this out and more at his awesome vintage shop.

Stay hydrated with plenty of cool water on those day hikes with this
very cool and vintage 1960's Picnic Jug Gibson by Thermos brought to you by my gracious pal or should I say "Pals" at...

Find this and more eclectic vintagicities in this Vintage Vertigo team members shop.  Be sure to tell her that "Blockhead" sent ya!

Spring, a time for renewal, a time for rejuvenation.  Gardens and planting.  Why not do so by adding your favorite plant or herb to that garden window with this adorable

brought to you by


This beautiful vintage

McCoy Wagon Wheel and Trellis Vase

awaits that first Spring bouquet of your favorite flowers.  Stop by and say hi to one of our wonderful TVV leaders


Purveyor of marvelous vintage goods at


Get out and strut your vintage stuff with this great
vintage Chris Evert Champion Wilson Tennis Racquet awaits you over at


 where talented and incomparable Mary Meg will set the score with "Sure to Love" vintage.

Springtime is a time for rejuvenation.  Time to rejuvenate that...

"The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen"
                                                                             William Shakespeare

Thanks to all of you who make this team possible!


BeanzVintiques said...

This is beautiful and a breath of fresh air. Actually, it's the closest I can get to spring right now with snow.
Nice job!

Dorene ~ BeanzVintiques

Vintage Vertigo said...

Hi Beanz, yeah, can't believe they're still callin for snow your way. No worries though as you'll soon be into spring blossoms. Thanks for stoppin by and see ya round the TVV halls.

Red Rose Alley said...

Dave, enjoyed hearing the story about the house that you grew up in and what it looks like today. Been thinking about my mom's house lately, but I'll always have the memories of all the family gathering there. I drove by it today and smiled. :)


Vintage Vertigo said...

Hello Sheri, Time stands still for no one or nothing, but our memories transcend through time and allow us to reminisce. I hope our readers take the opportunity to stop by your lovely blog "Red Rose Alley" and that perhaps it lends to inspiration of their own.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me how wonderful this time of year is, Dave. You made me remember the picnics on our front lawn with all my little friends. My mother would fix us peanut butter sandwiches and we would sit on a quilt under the shade of a big tree. It's a vivid and fond memory!

Vintage Vertigo said...

Hi Liz, fancy meetin' you here and thanks so much for sharing your wonderful memories. I so enjoyed reading. Congrats on your new appointment as one of our team leaders and although I've known you but a short time, I can already see you'll do well and serve in a capacity with the other leaders to help make this team even better.

Dave. :0)

Blue Moon Attic said...

We love having you back with your big heart and joyful sense of humor, Dave. Thanks for bringing a breath of spring our way.

Dave V said...

Thanks a bunch Gail and it's nice being back. I just hope I can help to get this blog going again and appreciate everyone who visits. All comments are sincerely appreciated.

Anonymous said...

such a cute post, love all the items you featured!
Elise, VintageCarolina.etsy.com

Vintage Vertigo said...

Hi Elise, Always nice to see you, thanks for stopping by, and thank you for your kind comments. I hope you'll stop by often and I'll see ya round the TVV halls.

Renee B said...

Such a sweet post! I am so happy that spring is here! All of my trees are flowering, except for my apple, that will come a bit later. Love living on the West Coast!:)

Dave V said...

Hi Renee, seems we're a pair of only a handful or two of west coasters on the team, but I'm certain there's a whole lot more. We're in a rain one half the day, sun the other half, kinda spring, but still wants to freeze kinda days up here in Oregon. I don't mind as I dig the rain. Happy to have you on the team and thanks for stopping by.