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05 June 2016

Fresh Faces Fantastic Finds

With so much going on, everyone spending more time outdoors, and with the summer season almost upon us, I wanted to share with you some great vintage finds from some of our newest TVV members that I hope you'll enjoy.  Please stop by for a browse of each one of these fabulous and eclectic shops.

With the kids getting out of school soon, it might be handy to have this great

Vintage Nesting Snack Bowl Set

that's ready to grab up at


Vintage, Collectible, Unique, and Handmade.

Keep cool while out boating, working in the garden, walking the dogs, or just everyday wear with this

Knox Brown Boaters Hat

found over at

Lottie Dottie Vintage

Keep those drinks cool with these bright and colorful

Tupperware Hot and Cold Beverage Set of 12

offered at TVV member's

Great Lakes Salvage Co.


Get ready to serve up them burgers in style with this awesome vintage

1950's BBQ Tray in Red Black and White

find this great tray and more at

Curio Boxx

Dad and the boys would love their favorite soup or cereal served up in these marvelous

Johnson Brothers Wild Duck Print Bowls

just waiting for you at one of our newest TVV member's shop

Lizzy's Bibs and Bobs

Vintage and Retro Treasures.

A great way to tote those garden veggies, eggs, or market produce is with this beautiful and simple

Vintage Tri-Colored Gathering Country Basket

Jam's Craft Closet

Has this and much, much more to offer.  Stop by and tell her you found her lovely basket at

Team Vintage Vertigo

Perhaps you're in the need of something to carry all those garden tools around or perhaps a lovely piece for that cabin or home décor.  At

Wren's Attic

find this great

Vintage Handmade Wood Tool Box

and more!

Collectible Crossroads

offers this unique and OOAK brass

Vintage Reptile Legged Table

An Etsy favorite with over 400 likes is this gorgeously green

Vintage Glass Pitcher and Tumbler Set

to serve up some Summertime refreshments.  Find this and a whole lot more by visiting our TVV pal Mrs. Fuller at

Mrs. Fuller's Attic

With strawberries in full harvest here in the beautiful state of Oregon and having just celebrated our 107th Lebanon Strawberry Festival,

I found this lovely

Vintage Oval Strawberry Platter

to serve up some of your delicious summer dishes or desserts.  Stop by

Two Artisans

Where you can browse her full selection of vintage and hand made treasures.

Thanks so much for stopping by, your comments and share on your social media is greatly appreciated and helps get the word out on...

The Best Team Ever!

Team Vintage Vertigo


Renee B said...

What a neat-O collection here! I particularly love the BBQ tray! Of course I love the pin up too!

Vintage Vertigo said...

Hi Renee, Just tryin' to share a little love with some of our new members. The tray is my fave too, actually, I like them all! Thanks for stopping by and good to see you made 'er home safely.


Linda S. said...

Wow! Such fabulous summery items! I love them all but those tupperware cups and pitcher brought back so many memories!! My mom would put Kool-Aid in the pitcher and we'd use them at picnics and when we went camping and just for everyday - how fun!!

Great job Dave :)

Vintage Vertigo said...

Fancy meeting you here Linda and a pleasure as always. Your memories are wonderful and reminiscent. I remember I broke my collarbone as a kid while I was on the way back from the store with 2 packs of cherry kool-Aid, lol. Thanks for stopping by and the share of a memory.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, I like that wooden tool box. It looks just like the ones that our fathers used back in the day. The salt and pepper shakers caught my eye also. I've been watching the new "Roots" on tv lately. It's such a good movie with talented actors. It gave me much knowledge about the people's lives during this era.

I wanted to tell you that I loved your comment on my dove post today. What a cute story about your girls and the coloring books. You know, you write well. Have you ever considered writing short stories about your family? I started doing this a few years ago, and I have quite a few, but then I stopped writing for awhile. You have humor in your writing, and your stories would be great I think. Something to consider. :)

Have a terrific rest of the week, Dave.


Anonymous said...

These Etsy shops are lovely! I especially love the green glass pitcher and glasses. My favorite color. Well chosen items from each shop!

Renee Steiger said...

The Pin-up is my favorite up to this point. I love the Tupperware Hot and Cold set, it reminds me of my mom and summertime. I enjoy visiting your blog, always interesting and informative.

Dave V said...

Hi Sheri! Thanks so much for your lovely comments and yes, I have written a couple stories about the girls, they're just buried deep in the blog. I cronicled my daught and her fiance's trek across the Pacific Crest Trail. They hiked it in 2012. Oh, with so many wonderful items to choose from i'm surprised I even get a post done. I've thought many times to purchase Mammy and Pappy as I have the cookie jars on my fridge. I love 'em. "Roots" is one of my fave all time movies and I've read the book twice. Thank you again and have a great finish to your week.

Dave V said...

Hi Liz! Yes, I can imagine sitting out on the deck with that green set. Pitcher and glasses filled with strawberry-lemonade, a nice breeze and spritz of the yard sprinkler as it fans the lawn. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on our newest teamies marvelous vintage finds!

Dave V said...

Hi Renee! Thanks so much for your always kind and lovely comments. Yes, I'll admit, I have a fancy for those Pin-ups, but who wouldn't? Lol! I featured that Tupperware in the exact hopes it would remind those who recall Mom serving us up some refreshing Kool-aid. Linda's comment was spot-on and reminiscent of those times. Thanks again for stopping by!

imperfect rambler said...
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Rachael said...

Fab blog as usual Dave! Great work :-)

Dave V said...

Hi Rachael,

Great to see ya and thank you for stopping in and your kind comment!