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03 September 2014

Dear Cynthia - Cynthia Returns

 After a summer hiatus of monumental proportions, our very own Cynthia has returned with her infinite wisdom.  Welcome Back Cynthia!  You have been missed.

The first question for Cynthia is from a desperate lady named "Z"

Dear Cynthia,

My husband, I will call him G, always wants to party, party, party. I am more interested in a few close friends for a little soiree.
I am running out of ideas for these huge parties he feels we must have with all of the upper crust guests.
How can I convince him that intimate parties are the very most wonderful? I would love a nice quiet evening at the cottage.


Dear Z,

I wholeheartedly agree that an intimate gathering is far chicer than a big bash. Do not fret, my dear. You are not alone. In fact, I've been fielding similar queries for ages!

So, gather 'round, Gals. Miss Cynthia has hatched a plan to virtually guarantee you have hosted your final big bash.

Begin by explaining to your Happenin' Hubby that you have been amiss in not sharing the delights of party planning with him. Bestow upon him the "gift" of engineering a blowout complete with all the hoopla your man about town is craving.

Proper menu planning will ensure his gathering is a success. These fabulous cookbooks are chock full of delicious party food ideas:

 Retro Party Menus Cookbook Vintage Recipes Entertaining Cookbook Party Recipes

Sunset Book Set, Salad, Barbecue, in Box, First Printing, 1962

Next, he'll need to survey the scene and make sure your shelves are stocked with proper serving accouterments. A sufficient supply of stylish cocktail gear will ensure the party rolls on smoothly:

Dorthy Thorpe Style Silver Rimmed Cocktail Glasses France

BAR WARE, mad men ,Highball glass, drinking glass, cocktail glass,silver glass,juice glass,silver leaf,

Of course, Hubby will want to protect his favorite party clothes during his many hours of prepping in the kitchen! This handsome cooking gear will outfit the new chef in true style:

Set of 4 British Royal Guard Apron, Pot Holder & Tea Towel by Imogen Dickenson (E4710)

Hubby's earnest endeavors will ensure his party's success. By the time the last guest departs, your poor fellow will no doubt be utterly exhausted. Allow him a quiet moment before clean up to gather his wits. This is NOT the time to point out the perils of large parties. Simply hold your tongue, hide your smile and hand him a Bromo-Seltzer!

Cynthia is Angela's alter ego and holds a degree in psychology, journalism and vintageology.
She is the proprietor of the shop, SunshineSurprises 


Blue Moon Attic said...

I am inspired now to throw an intimate party with close friends. Of course, Cynthia, you are invited! Keep up the great work, Dear. Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

You are a lifesaver! Thank you for wonderful advice.


SnapshotsThroughTime said...

Thanks Cynthia for including my cocktail glasses for your party preparation! I enjoyed reading your tips and advise! Just let me know when the party starts... I'll bring the wine.

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

I feel a party coming on. Thanks Cynthia!

Anonymous said...

Cynthia, it's wonderful to see you're back and have so many wonderful entertaining ideas for us. Thanks so much for including my book.


Angela Spiess said...

Stay tuned, everyone! Cynthia just phoned to let me know she's whipping up a plan for throwing the "biggest little party" in town. ;)

kinseysue said...

Cynthia, thank you for the wonderful ideas. My husband also likes to party, party, party - we are just two old hippies who never completely grew up. Looking forward to your next post with bated breath.

NeverTooOld said...

Cynthia, like "The Cats Pajamas" so is this post!! Your intellect is surpassed only by your in-sight! You're the "Bees Knees" when it comes to advise on "Par-taying", not to mention your selection of goods is befitting that perfect soiree! Keep these posts coming as your column is nothing short of vivacious!

Redcurlzs said...

Some great party advice Cynthia!
I will definitely pass these tips on to my husband!

Leigh Blake said...

Cynthia, so glad your back from vacation....we've been lost without your knowledge and wisdom.

Short of a disaster I would never leave my hubby in charge of planning a party......he also likes to party, but he's the first to run upstairs as soon as the last guest leaves......guess who gets to clean up?

Maybe you can give me some advise on how to get that apron on him before he retires to bed....or maybe I should just leave for him in the morning?

Keep on keeping on.
jp @ jpcountrymarket