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27 August 2014

A Moonlite Flit

 A Moonlit Flit by Emily of the Etsy shop, QueensParkVintage

I think I am the only person with a shop on Etsy.com with a graduate degree in Art who does not make anything! I discovered Etsy through my love of vintage. Between Etsy and my day job there isn’t much time left for anything else. I may vacuum once in awhile and glide around my home with a feather duster. Clearly not as often as I should. Anyway, I’m off on a tangent already. Getting back to the Art thing, although I don’t paint these days, I am a magpie for anything arty: oil paintings, watercolors, embroidery, drawings. You name it and I’ll buy it. I like to hang them around my home when I first purchase them, leave them there for six months or so and when something new comes along, I list them for sale in my Etsy store.

As much as I love Art in general, I have a weakness for Edwardian watercolors. I simply adore their dream like quality, and neutral color palettes. They are the sort of paintings you can find yourself lost in. Five minutes often pass by as I stop to gaze at one hung in my hallway, when I was meant to be putting away the laundry! This is a classic example of a neutral color pallet. The warm, earthy tones suit any interior. The moonlit reflections on the calm sea imbue a feeling of peace.

I love how a painting can raise so many questions: is the moon rising at the end of the day or setting as a new day begins? What adventures have besieged these seafaring folk? Have they just set off or are they returning home? Where does the artist fit into this painted story? Then my thoughts flair towards the dramatic: are they pirates, smugglers and ne’er-do-wells? Robbing the rich to line their own pockets. Gold, jewels, spices and cocoa…

The name of this painting is ‘Moonlight on the Scotch Coast’. And how pleasant a title, which befits my imaginings perfectly. If you look closely, you'll notice that it is featured in my shop banner!


NeverTooOld said...

There's that alluring element to the "sea faring" work that captivates the imagination like no other. I am especially drawn to the likes.

Tanjla said...

I love the Edwardian era and I have never noticed the soft watercolor art - thank you for the education. Great post~!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful Emily. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Blue Moon Attic said...

Beautiful watercolor and wonderful shop! Thanks for posting this for us to enjoy, Emily.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys, it's so easy to talk about something you love. I could witter on for hours!