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09 March 2015

MayThe Blessings of St. Patrick Behold You

What's St. Patrick's Day without a few Limericks to share about?  With a week away and lot's to do I thought I'd give folks a shout!

There once was a young man named

Whose wish was a shy

Was to be surrounded by

And thus it was so,
In six months he was born as a

A wonderful bird is the

His beak can hold more than his belican.
He can hold in his beak
Enough food for a week,
Though I’m damned if I know how the helican!

There was an old man from 

who dreamed he had eaten his

He awoke one dark 

from a terrible 

to discover his dream had come TRUE! 

A true Irishman has so much respect for the truth that he uses it only in emergencies!

May the luck of the
be with you all!


CraveCute said...

Oh Bless my Lucky Charms! Your poetry is Magical! Thanks for a great post and for including my Deer Planter!

Vintage Vertigo said...

Diane, oh how I wish I were the one, who these limericks that I had begun, the wishes are true just the same,
and from me this one is to blame!

Have a great week and thanks!

wonderdiva said...

This is just delightful! It makes me want to listen to some Irish music and sip a wee bit of Bushmills! Thank you so much for including the book from my shop. Erin Go Bragh!

Anonymous said...

I love a good limerick! Nice post!


SnapshotsThroughTime said...

Very nice! Thank you for including my map! Happy St Patty's Day!

Jenni said...

Luck be with me today! Limericks are so fun - and these were clean :o) Hard to do. Great blog - love it!!

Leila Blakely said...

Very fun Blog - and thank you so much for featuring my leprechaun. Ha!

Leila Blakely said...

Almost forgot to mention too - I use the picture of the gal on your header as my profile picture for my FB account. Ha! Love the red hair!

ByLightOfMoon said...

Lovely Blog Post, I have promoted and shaded this post, many thanks for sharing my bread book in this entry!
Smiles, Cyndi

Anonymous said...

Love the St. Patrick's theme. Fun blog post!


John said...

A wonderful blog post for St. Patrick''s Day. Will tweet and share on my business fb page.