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28 March 2016

A Tulsan's Treasure Trove

With much pleasure, I introduce to you to...


From the moment I first read this young lady's comments in our teams chat threads I knew I had to create a featured post here to share a little more about her.  My problem was, I didn't really know her?  I waited and waited, like a cougar waiting to pounce on it's prey.  To take my first "victim" interviewee in hopes that folks might be inspired by this wonderful gal and her love for all that is vintage.  So, today I pounced and was so relieved she didn't tell me to take a hike, lol.

Liz is the owner and operator of the Etsy vintage goods shop

and the "academy award nominee" film extra in the Hitchcock film...

Liz says....
"I loved dressing up for Halloween!"

Ready to hop on her Harley, here's the rough and tumble "Biker Chick."

I hope her feature will not only entertain you, but keep you spell bound and on the edge of your seat!  Hahaha!  Here's just a little about her, the gal behind the scenes.  Enjoy.

What prompted you to open up a vintage shop on Etsy?

 "I have always loved selling, and I've always loved vintage. I decided to sell on Etsy because it's important to me to have an identifiable brand and my own shop."

Won't you need a mascot for that brand Liz?

I love all that you sell.  Do you have a personal favorite?

"My favorite item is no longer in my shop. It was a darling troll doll that hit me with waves of nostalgia."

He's absolutely adorable and I love his "Einstein" hairdo!

What inspires you about vintage goods?

"What inspires me about vintage is the thrill of the hunt, both in looking for the unique and...

in the research involved in learning about the identity and history of a vintage item."

Like this wonderful

What is your favorite vintage piece you currently own?

"My favorite piece of vintage that I own would have to be a quilt that my Grandmother made me before she died."

I hope one day you'll share that quilt with us here.

What is your favorite genre of music?

"I don't have a favorite genre.  If I'm working on art, it's 1940's love songs...

If I'm driving around town, it's country music....

Liz captured a shot of this wonderful vintage Caddy that was being sold at an estate sale she attended.

Cleaning house need opera....

A mezzo soprano dusting, I love it!

and when I'm working on Etsy,
has to be quiet so I can concentrate."

Which is your all time favorite big screen movie?

"My favorite big screen movie is an old one...

Gone With The Wind.

With that handsome rogue Clark Gable...

the beautiful..Vivien Leigh...

and here's a picture of Clark and I when we dated."

A dashing couple I say, dashing indeed!  LOL!!

Let's talk chow, what's your all-time favorite food?

"My favorite food is fried chicken, hands down!  I've loved it since I was a little girl"
Yumm Yummy Liz!  To not love fried chicken would be uncivilized!

Is there anything in your life that you've love to do that you haven't done yet?

"Yes, I have never finished or published a novel.  I'd like to do that.
I have three in the works, but there's just not enough time in the day to do all I want to do."

Let's talk pets, do you have a preference, dogs or cats, or other?

"I have no pets now, but have had 16 different pets since I was 1 year old! I think I prefer dogs because they're so needy. I love a critter who unabashedly adores me and doesn't mind being smothered with kisses! However, my favorite was a Manx cat named Stubby. He loved affection."


Who would you choose...
Batman or Superman?

"Neither, I choose Scottish Jamie on Outlander!"

Ladies, can ya blame her?

I hope you'll stop by Liz' marvelous shop...

and have a browse of over 10 pages of wonderful vintage finds.  I just know she'll be happy you did!

To Liz, for your participation, willingness, and most of all, your graciousness in working with me to create this feature, Thank You!

Liz and her Mr. Man


Blue Moon Attic said...

I adore everything about Liz! She is one warm-hearted and very talented lady. If we lived close to each other, I'd be over to her house to make her my friend. We'd fan each other while watching Outlander. Thank you for putting the spotlight on this thoroughly delightful person, Dave.

Renee B said...

I love it! Liz, you're just as I imagined! Super talented, super funny, super cute! Good job Dave!:-D

Vintage Vertigo said...

Gail, Liz was great and so gracious. I can't thank her enough for the honor. Thanks for stopping by.

Vintage Vertigo said...

Renee, you couldn't have said it any better and thanks so much for the kind comments!

Linda S. said...

What a great interview! Liz you sound like a fun-loving person! I love music from the 1940's too - and that photo of you and Mr. Gable is priceless! ;)

Renee B said...

Love the new pin up!

Anonymous said...

What a great and interesting blog! I love your shop, Liz! Loved the entire interview!

Dorene ~ BeanzVintiques

Vintage Vertigo said...

Thanks Renee! This is one of my very favorites! Thanks for your support and always a pleasure having you! :0)

Vintage Vertigo said...

Hi Dorene, Ain't Liz the best! HAHA, I enjoyed creating this post and hope to do more throughout the year. You interested, as I'm sure our readers would love to know a little more about YOU! :o)