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17 March 2016

I've Got Just One Thing...

This charm I bring here to you,
In hopes that today will come true,
That your day is filled with much luck
and your pockets be filled with big bucks
But If that's not the case as to be,
Then for you is the next best of things,
That your iphones are filled with Cha-Chings!

Lucky Charm Brooch 1950's

Happy St. Patrick's Day Teamies!!!


Renee B said...

Super sweet Dave! I feel luckier already!:-) Have a Happy Day!

Vintage Vertigo said...

Hi St. Renee! Befitting you should stop by and always I appreciate your kind comments and support of the team! Hope the luck of the Irish blesses you through and through!


Leila Blakely said...

Thanks Dave! I certainly like to hear those Cha-Chings and I love the color of green (especially in the pocket book) Thanks so much for sharing this sweet lucky charm with us.

Also I like the print up on the left side. She's a beauty

Vintage Vertigo said...

Hi Leila, nice to see ya! Hope all is well and that you've been blessed with a few (lots) cha-chings yourself! Wishin' you lots of luck the whole year through! Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comments!

Renee B said...

I really love all of your pretty pretty pin ups!:)

Vintage Vertigo said...

Hiya Renee, Yes, something about a classic and classy pin-up that just fits the bill for our team blog, especially our beloved girl on the swing. Thanks so much and always my pleasure to have you stop by.

Red Rose Alley said...

Aahh, what a wonderful brooch to wear on St. Patrick's Day. Cool, l950's. Thanks for the wishes, Dave. I hope you had a good one.


Vintage Vertigo said...

Hi Sheri, yes, it's a cute brooch and one of those that would serve for years to come. Hope you and yours had a nice St. Paddy's Day! Thanks for stopping by!