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18 April 2016

New Are Silver, Old Are Gold

"New friends are Silver, Old friends Gold"

Fantastic vintage finds abound at Team Vintage Vertigo where thousands of wonderful vintage goods await your browse.  Choose from antique farmhouse finds, to Zebra patterned apparel and everthing inbetween!  Here we've featured just a few New and Old TVV friends along with their fabulous vintage items to enjoy. 

Which came first... The Chicken or the Egg?
I'd have to say the Chicken!

What an adorable collectible to add to your farmhouse décor.  This lovely little group of

can be found at our TVV Canadian friends shop

You'll be the "Bees Knees" showing off this lovely three piece set of Silver Plated

It's sure to add a bit of scintillation to you BEE-utiful kitchen décor.

Find this and more at



Cast Iron collectibles have been a favorite with many a collector.  They can be found in a variety of styles and sizes.  From coin banks to vehicles and animals.  Below is a great example of a

offered at Etsy shop

The Reacquaint Shop offers a variety of great

of vintage finds that includes this wonderful Radioptican Magic Lantern Postcard Projector Lamp – Model 431 along with a great selection of wonderful vintage goods.  Stop by to see more!

 If Shabby Rustic is your cup of tea, this wonderful

Metal Works Wrought Iron Arrow

brought to you from the wonderful vintage goods shop


The always popular and ever trending vintage industrial is always a great find.  You'll find this cool

Strong Safety File Box

is just waiting for you at


where you'll find fantastic restyled vintage furniture, barware, and kitchenwares.

Stamp it Paid! with this great vintage Avon collectible found over at

Where you'll find decades vintage like MCM, Mod, Shabby, and more!

This beautiful light Aqua tinted Vintage Spanish Jar is a great addition to you vintage glass container collection.  Stop by


to browse this hot find and more!

Vintage suspense and action await you with the fabulous vintage

DC Detective Comic Book

featuring the likes of The Batman, Green Lantern, The Atom, Hawkman, Robin, and more!

Find out which Monster Walks Wayne Manor at


Vintage means music to my ears and what better than music from this beautiful

Antique Mandolin with Zebra Striped Back

Whether it's restored to play or to add a bit of Italy to your music room, home or office décor, visit



Come on over to browse at Team Vintage Vertigo where you'll find an outstanding group of vintage goods shops.  If you'd like to join in the fun, apply to join the team by clicking the link above!  Hope to see you there!

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Blue Moon Attic said...

Great selections for m some old and new friends! Thank you for your hard work, Dave. We appreciate you.

Renee B said...

Awesome vintage finds here, dude!:) I think that my favorite is the cast iron horse drawn wagon! What a keen eye! You really are a gem!:-D

Anonymous said...

Love your picks! I'm "drawn" to the horse drawn wagon too... and the mandolin.

Dorene ~ BeanzVintiques

Linda S. said...

Really cool finds! Thanks Dave for scouting these out for us! That mandolin is just beautiful! I've also shared this on Facebook, twitter and Google+
Linda. :)

Vintage Vertigo said...

I toil over whether or not I should reply and I believe that because of all of you who take the time, I must stop in to thank you all. I sincerely appreciate your visits, comments, and that you share these items, your teamies, and your team blog in all your sm sites. Thank You's.