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The Vintage Vertigo Team ~ An Etsy Team Spirit Finalist

02 May 2016

An Affirmation Of Appreciation

As we welcome in the month of May we wanted to affirm our appreciation for some of our TVV team members who help to keep things rolling along through their dedication, participation, and wonderful vintage goods.  So, in no particular order, I'd like to present for your viewing and browsing pleasure, some of the fine folks at

Kicking this featured post off is a wonderful vintage Christmas decoration and one of my fave cartoon characters of all time.  Here...

My pal and Instagram promoting partner

offers this Oh So Cute...

to add to your Peanuts Gang collection or to give as a gift!

Stop by...

to see all her vintage Holiday goods!

Vintage trains and cars have always been a fave.  Check out

Midwest Picker's shop...

to "track" down this awesome tin litho..

an "All Aboard" collectible for the vintage train enthusiast!

"Vinnie" the adorable and photogenic model belongs to

who owns and operates

Vinnie is shown here with one of her fave vintage finds, an

You'll be dreaming of Jeanie with this beautiful and unique

with ornate Silver filigree accents.

offers a great variety of wonderful vintage finds that include Figurines, Glass Wares, Jewelry, Porcelain, Paper & Ephemera, and much more.  So make one of your wishes come true by visiting her lovely Etsy shop

You'll be singing "Crocodile Rock" with this marvelous clay

that measures 17" long and 6.5" tall!  This piece would be a great addition to any garden and can be found at

featuring purveyor

offers over 140 wonderful vintage items for your purchasing pleasure, including these beautiful

Stop by to say "Hi" to owner/operator


For that vintage themed wedding, this lovely porcelain

music box makes a perfect gift for the newlyweds and one that can be handed down to future generations.

offers this truly lovely piece along with nearly 200 vintage items to browse, so stop by soon!

If you're homesick or just want to have that special handmade piece, stop by to browse

unique creative works at her shop

where you'll find Classic Feminine Jewelry with a Vintage Glam Twist like this

Boston MA Map Charm

Got Milk?  You'll definitely draw attention with this great vintage

found over at

Etsy and TVV shop


Rescued and Re-Loved vintage treasures are what you'll find over at

Etsy shop.

Do stop by to help celebrate her One Year Anniversary by browsing the nearly 400 pieces of vintage goods she has to offer and where you'll find this pair of

Hippie and Artist trolls are awaiting your arrival!

Thanks to everyone who's stopped by and to the members of Team Vintage Vertigo who've been featured.  We will continue to work on promoting every shop on our team, one week at a time.  Don't forget to share this blog post, the featured items, and shops in all your social media sites!


Renee B said...

Just love it Dave! Very cool finds here from some very cool and supportive shops! Thanks so much for including snoopy!:)

Renee B said...

Forgot to mention how much I love cute little vinnie!

Vintage Vertigo said...

Haha! Love the one and omly original Snoopdog! Thanks abunch for your visit, and comments. Yes, Vinnie's a pretty Kitty for sure. Can't wait to see her post selfies on IG! Thanks again!

Linda S. said...

Such cool finds! Thank you for including Vinnie! She actually belongs to my cousin but occasionally will deign to pose for pictures for me lol! I'll see what I can do about a selfie - that would be awesome :)

I have shared this blog on twitter and facebook and publicly recommended it on google + (whatever that means lol!) I'm still figuring that one out.

Thank you again Dave for all you do :)

Vintage Vertigo said...

Hiya Linda! And thank you for your participation and sharing around cyber town. Thank you all. Yes, will be grand to see more of Vinnie and I think she could become just as famous Grumpy Cat! Hope your items sell and have a great week!


Red Rose Alley said...

Oh my gosh, TROLLS! Do you know that I used to play with these all the time with my neighbor friend? She had a lot of them, and we used to have so much fun combing their funky long hair. Then, when my kids were growing up, they loved them as well. I still have a few from their childhood that I'll never give away.


Renee B said...

Wow, I see that quite a few of the items here have sold! That's fantastic! You're a gem dude!:)

Vintage Vertigo said...

Hi Sheri, yeah trolls are one of those iconic toys that have lasted through the years. These two shown are cuties. I agree, don't ever let yours go or give away. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Vintage Vertigo said...

Hi Renee, I love when these awesome vintagicities sell and would love to think is a result of the features and promotions. I wish they'd all sell. I really have to say that it's because of you who help promote these items by stopping by, commenting, and sharing in your social media that help to get them noticed, It's you who are truly the "Gems" Thank You.

Marceew said...

Great nostalgic items! Thanks for including our great men's hat. LottieDottieVintage

Dave V said...

Hiya LottieDottie! You're very welcome and I couldn't resist. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll join blog to follow, as we'd love to have you!