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14 May 2016

Dance Like A Funky Chicken!

Celebrating "Dance Like A Chicken" Day '80s Style

Have a great day!!


Renee B said...

LOL! Too funny! Happy Dance like a funky chicken day!:-D

Linda S. said...

oh my goodness! Hilarious! Thanks for posting :)

Renee B said...

Yay! Just blew in fro IG! Thanks for doing this Blockie.

Blue Moon Attic said...

What fun! Made my day....:)

Red Rose Alley said...

What a funky chicken hahaha. My girls were born in the 80's, so this spoke to my heart.


Dave V said...

HAHAHA Sheri! Then your girls should know that dance well! lol. I just thought was cute to post for "Dance Like A Chicken Day". Thanks for sharing your thoughts!