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05 March 2014

Irish Legends and Folklore

As we march into March, be prepared to be inundated with shamrocks – leprechaun's and green beer.

The month belongs to the Irish and St. Patrick's Day has been celebrated since the dawn of time, so raise your mug of green beer and enjoy the festivities, parades, music and dancing.

Some history of the Patron Saint “Patrick” can be viewed on this lovely Irish linen towel from VintageVonRetro's shop. St Patrick's Irish Linen Tea Towel

Patrick was born in Britain and was kidnapped and brought to Ireland as a slave at the age of 16. He later escaped, but returned to Ireland was was credited with bringing Christianity to it's people. The most well known legend is that he explained the Holy Trinity using the three leaves of a native Irish clover, the shamrock.

Worth noting: the color traditionally associated with St. Paddy”s day was blue, not green, but the inspiration of the Emerald Isle, changed the color to green.

Maybe green beer is not your drink of choice, but there is always an alternative, how about some Irish coffee and what better way to enjoy your coffee then from these wonderful Irish coffee cups, with recipe on the back of each cup, then from the shop of SunshineSurprises
Groovy Irish Coffee Mugs

***Irish drinking humor: what do you call an Irishman that keeps bouncing off walls? Rick O'shea

One more: alright, so an irishman walks out of a bar, yes it's possible.***

We must not forget the Leprechauns and their forever chasing the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

The original Irish name for the figures of folklore is “lobaircin” meaning tiny men. They were actually cranky soles responsible for mending the shoes of the tree fairies. It may not be a pot of gold, but it's an adorable leprechaun's hat that can hold some of your gold jewelry and can be seen over at
MyLittleSomethings shop.

*****Leprechaun humor : five leprechaun's were sitting in a tree, four decide to jump out. how many were left? Ans: 5. Because there is a difference between deciding and doing.******
In the 17th century when England began to seize the land of Ireland, during her reign, Queen Elizabeth I outlawed all Irish music and even decreed all artist and pipers where to be arrested and hung on the spot. Fast forward.....that didn't stop the Irish and wonderful music can be heard on these vintage albums from the  CrescentThriftShop

                                                               Irish Bawdy Songs

This redheaded Irish lass from, jpcountrymarket, is wishing you happy blogging and shopping with all of us from the Vintage Vertigo Team.


AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Cute post! And informative! I am Italian and since I was a kid was told that the Italians and Irish are enemies and we are to stay away from the Irish and anything to do with them. When did that come about?!Of course I don't practice that but just always wondered why. Visiting you back from my blog. Thanks for visiting me!

Anonymous said...

Aye Lass, Top o da morrrnin'! A wunderrfull n inforrrmative arrticle indeed! Wudent mind me a mug o da ole green ale! Thank ye fer sharrin' n love the post!

Yurrs Trruly,


Denise CountryMini said...

Fun and informative article JP! Very much enjoyed reading it! Thanks for sharing your Irish knowledge! You are a bonny lass indeed! :)

Anonymous said...

Not a bit of Irish in me body, and this makes even me ready for a little Irish coffee and a bit o' the blarney!

Anonymous Sherry

Renee Tielkemeier said...

Please pass me a green beer! Love it all :)

Angela Spiess said...

What fun! I loved learning more about such a festive holiday! Thanks, jp!

Blue Moon Attic said...

Wonderful fun from a lively lass! Thanks, JP, for reminding us why we GO GREEN! ♥