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23 March 2014

Creating Your Own Unique Space

Today’s home décor style is trending away from the box store “matchy matchy” look to a more personalized, comfortable feel that reflects the unique style of the people living in the space. 

It’s about time! More and more often, we see a space filled with an eclectic collection of items acquired from family members, souvenirs from past travels, and pieces – new and old - that are loved for emotional or practical reasons.

People often ask, “How do I know my space works and I am blending correctly?“ Your space will work for you if you buy and use furniture and décor items that you truly love - your own unique style will shine through. The items that hold the most meaning for you reflect your distinct taste, usually having a similar style, color or theme. Embrace the subtle differences amongst items, because those nuances add interest to a space. So if you hold true to using items that inspire you and that you love, you really can’t go wrong!

That being said, here are three tips to help in blending vintage and more modern elements in a space.

Opposites Do Attract - Don’t be afraid to pair opposites. Make use of a similar color palette to seamlessly blend them in a space. Here are two vintage items from different eras that would work perfectly well together in a space: 
From the Etsy shop, RetroDaisyGirl

And this beautiful 1940's Dresden Plate Quilt from the shop FineRomance:

Repurpose What You Have – It pays to take a second look at items you may have stored in the attic or have otherwise forgotten about long ago. For example, an old typewriter table can easily be repurposed as an end table or bedside table.

 (photo courtesy of diynetwork.com)

The industrial character of this table is right at home with its more formal surroundings.

Embrace Textiles – Textiles, from fabrics to knitted and crocheted items, add interest, color and warmth to a space and can be used to bridge the gap between vintage and modern. Here is a wonderful example:

(photo courtesy of homedit.com)

There are so many routes to take in home décor – from shabby chic to mid-century to rustic to industrial – and so many more. Choose what inspires you and you can’t go wrong! 

The author of this post is Deb from CobblestonesVintage on Etsy


Nilene said...

Great article!!!

CynAnn said...

This is a very good article with many ideas I had never considered. I especially like the typewriter table bedside.

MaryH said...

Wonderful collection of fabulous Team vintage. Thank you! I enjoyed it a lot!

Angela Spiess said...

Terrific ideas. They gave me confidence to know that vintage items can blend seamlessly into even the most modern of homes!