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26 March 2014

The Vintage Gentleman & His Man Cave!

from boredpanda.com

This week's spotlight is on the vintage gentleman. If the 1950s housewife was the queen of her kitchen domain, her husband was the king of his little corner of the world which included his workshop, bar, backyard barbecue and den.

So let's take a peek inside to see what may be the early forerunner of what we know fondly call the man cave!

After a hard day at the office the vintage gentleman likes nothing better than to come home, put his slippers on and read the paper.

Why not relax with a comfortable ottoman from KarensChicNShabby?

Vintage Green Ottoman

Before they sit down to dinner the vintage gentleman likes to have a cocktail with the Mrs. to discuss the day:

 How about these glasses from Barware Breweriana?

Beefeater Gin Tall Highball Glasses

Then it's time to head out to the patio to man the grill:  From the Etsy shop, Old Fine Things

After a delightful meal with the family he may decide to head to the workshop to finish that project he's been working on:

And at the end of the evening he may grab a book before lights out: From Fine Romance

Sum of All Fears by Tom Clancy

Remember, Father's Day is right around the corner as well as birthdays, graduations, and weddings and the shops of the Vintage Vertigo team are well stocked with something for everyone!

The author of this blog post is Amy of the Etsy shop DottieDigs Vintage and MrDottieDigsVintage:



Nilene said...

Great article!!!

Tanjla said...

Perfect advice, Dottie! My hubby will appreciate this since I burned dinner last night.

Rescued in Time said...

Great vintage finds for any man, love the Schlitz ad - wow!

MrsRshop said...

Love your post and picks, Amy!
Love the guy in the suit, too. Bet he's wearing cuff link - so classy!

MaryH said...

Thank you Amy! Great article with lots of fun finds!

Angela Spiess said...

LOVE vintage "guy" stuff. It's just so darn fabulous! Thanks very much for highlighting ideas for the retro loving gentleman!