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05 April 2014

Easter Bonnets

Oh yes....the Easter Bonnet! Made even more famous by the movie, Easter Parade, which featured gents and their fine ladies sauntering up New York's 5th Avenue in their most fashionable attire, topped off by the famous Easter bonnet, which we also know as the hat or chapeau.

The Easter hat is a celebration of spring and spiritual renewal going back to the 16th century and in more simple times a lady would have been proud to wear one of these from the shop WeeLambieVintage

Times may have changed some since the horse and buggy days, but during the Great Depression ladies and gentleman still wanted to look their best to celebrate the coming season so if they could not afford a new hat they would refurbish one they already had. 

Those lucky enough to purchase a new hat would have bought something like this from the Etsy shop,Retro Rocking Cafe

In the 1960s, mothers and daughters wore wide brimmed straw hats with festive pastel ribbons. My own Easter hat in the 1960s was navy blue and white and had a long ribbon down the back anchored to the hat with a cluster of cherries. 

Maybe you will remember some of these hats from your own youth.  

 Vintage Natural Straw Hat With Crepe Ribbon And Bow
 from the Etsy shop, BitofHope:
Vintage Natural Straw Hat with Crepe

or this Vintage Fedora Hat from the shop jpcountrymarket

Vintage Fedora Unisex Hat by Watson 1950s

And if you couldn't buy a hat, why not make one? Here is a pattern for hats below from the Etsy shop AnnesVintagePatterns:

 Simplicity Hat Pattern 7326 Accessories Vintage Pattern Sewing Womens Hats Beret

          Simplicity Hat Patterns

So as our thoughts turn to spring, grab that vintage Easter bonnet and parade up the Avenue!

Written by Amy/Dottie of DottieDigsVintage and Mr Dottie Digs Vintage


MaryH said...

Wonderful, Amy! Can't wait for Easter. :)

NeverTooOld said...

Amy, A lovely pre-Easter post and nice read! I thought that little girl in the black and white pic looked familiar! Keep up the good reads and thanks for sharing!

Angela Spiess said...

Super sweet article. Some of my fondest Easter memories involve picking out a new Spring outfit (with bonnet, of course) to wear to church. ♥

Blue Moon Attic said...

How cute! I remember always having a new Easter hat each spring. Thanks for reminding us, Amy!