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16 April 2014

Old Fashioned County Fair - Part 2

While trying to decide what in the word I should blog about, I remembered the old saying, do what you know. So with that in mind, I’m sharing articles here the V2 blog about growing up in the country and connecting my memories with vintage items.

Old Fashioned County Fair is a 4 part series.

In today’s visit we’re going through the building where all the home canned goods are presented and judged.

Of course you also had to go through the isles of all the home canned goods; like pickles, jams, jelly, chow-chow, butters, canned fruits and vegetables. You name it and it could be pickled or made into a jam! My Mama and Granny particularly loved to go into this contest building to see what new recipes had been thought up, and of course to see who had gotten that blue ribbon!

As many of you know, good cooking can be an art form. We can pour our hearts and souls into the foods we prepare for our families. In preparing for the home canned goods contest, one must remember that these must be to the satisfaction of the judges and not necessarily to the tastes of the cook and her/his family members.

You can find all manner of vintage items for canning and preserving in many of the V2 Team shops! Below are just a few examples of the fine things you’ll find.

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Etsy Shop: MargsMostlyVintage

Thank you for tagging along through the fairgrounds of times gone by.
On our next visit to the county fair, we’ll relive more wonderful memories of this special time when we go through the buildings and tents set up for the judging of home garden flowers, fruits and vegetables.

This blog post was written by Denise of Country Mini on Etsy.

Part 1 of her series - Old Fashioned County Fair - Part 1


Anonymous said...

Fairs are more fun! This brings back memories.
Sherry Anon.

SnapshotsThroughTime said...

Neat blog! I love the fair!
Thank you for including my checkerboard jar!

KarensChicNShabby said...

Great blog on the fair, we have one every march just a mile away from my house. Such fun!

KarensChicNShabby said...

Thank you for the feature 😊

Angela Spiess said...

So much fun! Loving this series. :)

RescuedinTime said...

What a fun series - thanks for sharing your wonderful fair memories!!

Mary said...

Love this blog!

Blue Moon Attic said...

Oh, Cindy, such a wonderful post and once again, right on the money! You are a lifesaver and very appreciated. I'm a BIG fan.

Blue Moon Attic said...

Oops, I posted the wrong comment here, but I reallt enjoyed reading about the fairs and this brought back so many great memories. Thanks for taking the time to share this.