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21 April 2014

Call on Cynthia - Advice for the Vintage House Wife!

Dear Miss Cynthia,
What is the best way to entertain unexpected guests?

Oh, dear! Miss Cynthia would never advocate popping up at someone's doorstep unannounced. 

However, a good hostess must be ready for every entertaining eventuality. Proper preparation will enable you to view your unexpected visitors as a pleasant surprise and fully enjoy their company.


Naturally, one must assume your abode is kept spotlessly clean at all times. Even so, everything (including you!) looks better by candlelight. 

Eliminate harsh lighting and enjoy the soft glow of candles placed in beautiful holders like these from TickleBugTreasures:


Your surprise guests will love to nibble some pantry snacks you can quickly pour into these fun bowls from AllThatVintageNMore:

Vintage Wooden Snack Bowls

Keep your company entertained and engaged with an impromptu game night with classics like:

Vintage 1989 Scrabble Game 
from  FindingMaineVintage



And finally, Miss Cynthia has a sure fire solution to guarantee the errant bell ringers not turn up again! 

End the evening by showing everyone slides from your latest trip to the Grand Canyon. Yes, all 463 of them.


Remember: when faced with a vintage dilemma, don't fret! Simply chill the champagne and CALL ON CYNTHIA!

Cynthia is a pseudonym for Angela with the Etsy shop, SunshineSurprises



Tina said...

Fun post - thanks for including my poker game!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Cynthia for your sage advice! I will know how to handle all the drop in guests I get now!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful advice Cynthia. Another great column!


Anne Arnold Pierce said...

lovely advise!
I'll play scrabble with you.

NeverTooOld said...

Simply wonderful advise! I just love playing Scrabble!!

Renee Tielkemeier said...

Cynthia - always the clever one!! Thanks

Anonymous said...

So much good information!! Thanks!
Sherry Anonymous

Blue Moon Attic said...

Oh, Cindy, such a wonderful post and once again, right on the money! You are a lifesaver and very appreciated. I'm a BIG fan.

Anonymous said...

Love your tidbits of advice and info!