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05 May 2014

The History of Mother's Day

Although the US and many other countries celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May, it was not always an observed holiday.

When the Puritans came to the colonies, they came to escape religious persecution and Mother's Day was one of the traditions they left behind. Some say it was because they wanted to focus on less secular holidays and others say that the conditions in the New World were so harsh, they didn't have time for holidays.

Mother's Day in Europe has been in existence since the 16th century when it was begun to honor the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus and the Mother Church. In the 17th century, it was expanded to include all mothers and was looked forward to as a break from Lent for a big feast. It is still celebrated today and is called Mothering Day.

The US version of Mothering Day was created many centuries later. In 1870 Julia Howe declared a Mother's Day to rally all the mothers to come together to protest the carnage that the Civil War caused through the deaths of their sons. She originally wanted the Fourth of July to be the date, but finally settled on June 2nd.

This Mother's Day was celebrated for a few years before dying out when Howe's group stop funding the Mother's Day parades. The rally was then taken up by Anne M Jarvis in 1908 after the death of her own mother.

In 1908 Congress tried to declare it a holiday but it was defeated. However by 1909, 46 states held Mother's Day celebrations which were also celebrated in Canada and Mexico.

In 1914, Woodrow Wilson declared a national observance that the second Sunday in May be recognized as Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is a special time for every one to pay homage to that special person who you cherish as your role model, your hero – your mother whether she be a blood relative or someone who inspires you and is always there for you.

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NeverTooOld said...

Wonderful and informative post in honor of Mother's worldwide. A lovely selection of gift ideas and I especially love the Nora Fenton vases. Thanks for the share and yes, no where better indeed to find that special and unique gift for Mom!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the history lesson!
Great information and team finds!

Mrs. R

Anonymous said...

Beautiful selections for Mother's Day. I really enjoyed reading the article.


MaryH said...

Beautiful post, T. Thank you!

Jenni I.W. said...

Interesting post and beautiful gift ideas for Mother's Day.

Blue Moon Attic said...

Some lovely Mother's Day gift ideas and interesting information. Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Great information, very interesting post!
Elise, http://VintageCarolina.etsy.com

Sarah Bennett said...

What a wonderfully interesting post!
Wishing ALL Moms a very happy and blessed Mother's Day!!

Anonymous said...

Great history on Mother's Day and lovely gift ideas.

Adele said...

A beautiful selection of gift ideas for Mom. What a great post!

Daria Di Pasquale said...

What a great blog post! So nice to have a good read about the Mother's Day tradition and history. Great listings from our wonderful Team! So glad to be a part of.

Nostalgic Rose said...

I love the history you included in this blog post, and all the gift ideas are wonderful. Thank you so much for including my teacup.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post! Great article! Nice vintage gifts!