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The Vintage Vertigo Team ~ An Etsy Team Spirit Finalist

13 August 2014

Genuinely Gregarious

"I’m probably the only artist on Etsy that doesn’t sell their own work!"

Here we'd like to share with you a little about one of our Vintage Vertigo Teammates and Etsy Shop owner...


Tell us a little about the person behind the scenes at Queens Park Vintage.

"I am Emily Taylor, the person behind Queens Park Vintage. I live on the south coast of England, not far from the sea and the New Forest National Park. It is a lovely place to live and also rather convenient when it comes to buying vintage goodies. There are plenty of car boot sales, markets and auctions to attend. I live with my three boys and teach part time at my local school. When I find time for a social life after work, family and Etsy, I can often be found at Jive dance nights. I love partner dancing; it’s sociable and great exercise!"


What does vintage mean to you?

"My rule of thumb when it comes to selling vintage is that if it is old and in good condition, someone, somewhere, will buy it. It doesn’t matter if I like it or not. Someone will. It took a while to get used to this concept as it is only natural to buy and sell items you find pleasing."


How did you come to name your shop?

"I wanted a regal and very English name for my Etsy shop. I am a huge fan of the British monarchy and I believe they have a universal appeal. As the majority of my stock is English it made sense to incorporate it into my name. Queens Park is also a suburb in the seaside town of Bournemouth, on the south coast of England, near to where I live."


What do you find most challenging in your hunt for vintage goods?

"The weather!"

"I do most of my buying at car boot sales, which involves trudging around muddy fields at dawn. If it’s raining, no one will be there! Another challenge which is also an appeal is that you never know what you are going to find. I jokingly refer to it as treasure hunting – what booty will I return home with? I have no idea before I go outside!"


Your shop offers a nice variety of items, Do you have a favorite?

"I do favor artwork and paintings. I have a combined Art and Education degree and qualified as an Art specialist teacher. I’m probably the only artist on Etsy that doesn’t sell their own work!"


Where else can one go to find and see more about Queens Park Vintage?

"You can find Queens Park Vintage at the following:"


On the lighter side...

One word that describes you best?

"Hmmm tricky, I know - gregarious!"

Social huh? Teehee :o)


Have you ever "prank" phone called anyone?

"No but when I was a child on holiday, we used to knock on beach hut doors and run away. We called this game ‘Knock Knock Ginger’. We thought it was hilarious but I doubt the residents did!"


Yes or no to the "5 second" food on the floor rule? Why?

"Yes because I have three boys who eat like giants. Plus they’re always on the go. I’d end up throwing too much food away if abided by that rule! And no one enjoys the company of hungry children!"


Living or deceased, what famous person would you like to have lunch with?

"Jane Austen who wrote my favorite book, Pride and Prejudice. She wrote it in 1813 and it became the formula for modern romance novels – the whole, will they/won’t they thing. So many romance stories follow her plots, just look at Bridget Jones’s Diary. And of course, I have to admit to being secretly in love with Mr Darcy...

 Not so secretly now though!"


If Guiness asked you to set a world record, what category would it be and why?

"Hmm, something to do with dancing. Music is always played in my home and I am always dancing to places rather than walking: dance to kitchen, back to the lounge, out to the garden, to bed... Maybe I could set a world record for length of time dancing, rather than walking!"


We hope you've enjoyed getting to know a little about Emily and please be sure to visit her Etsy shop...

for some truly unique and one of a kind vintage treasures!


Anonymous said...

I'm loving this new feature. Great shop selection Tanjla and leaders and wonderful interview Emily.

Tanjla said...

Emily - I love your shop and it was so fun to hear about your life and your quest for beautiful listings.
I envy you the beauty of England - in spite of the muddy boot sales - !
Dave, wonderful interview! Great blog post!

Rescued in Time said...

What fun! Really enjoyed learning more about you and your shop, Emily!

Angela Spiess said...

Awesome entry! It is such a delight to get to know Emily better! Love your shop! :)

Blue Moon Attic said...

What fun! I enjoyed reading this and will be stopping by Queen's Park to do some shopping.

Blue Moon Attic said...

What fun! I enjoyed reading this and will be stopping by Queen's Park to do some shopping.