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01 February 2015

Will You Be My Valentine?

Words to warm the heart and thaw even the worst February weather as we celebrate the gift of friendship, love and affection every February 14th.

Your first memory of the day may have begun as a child in the classroom when a flurry of valentine card exchanges were made with your school chums and teachers. Coming home, clutching a bag full of simple Valentine's cards with their red envelopes torn open (a couple possibly from a secret admirer), was the frosting on a Valentine cupcake!

These may bring back some sweet memories from the shop of  WonderDiva

But those same teachers would probably like to remind us, Valentine's Day has a long history. It began centuries ago with the Feast of Saint Valentine, a liturgical celebration of Valentinus, one of the early saints. Later, in the Middle Ages, the day became associated with romantic love.

Valentine's Day is for everyone, including the Newlyweds in this print from the shop of 

Plums and Honey

Although it is not an official holiday, Valentine's Day is observed in many countries around the globe, many having their own folk lore to celebrate the day.

In 18th century England, the day grew into an occasion where lovers expressed their feelings for each other with flowers, confectionary and greeting cards.

WeeLambieVintage and MegsEndeavors share some idea's for Valentine's gift's with this

and this Lovely

Since the 19th century, handwritten Valentine's Day cards have given way to mass produced greeting cards. Esther Howland of Worcester, Mass, began producing greeting cards in 1847 after being inspired by an English Valentine she received from a friend.

The American Greeting Cards Association estimates 190 million Valentines Day cards are exchanged every year,

not including handmade cards which increase the numbers to 1 billion.

Fast forward to today and Valentine's Day symbols include Heart Shaped Cards
like these from...



Like these from

and winged Cupids from

Gifts have also evolved. Since the 1980s, diamonds have also become a popular gift.

These beautiful 14K Gold and Diamond Earrings from 

Are sure to make your Sweet Heart's day! 

So whether it is the gift of a simple card and sentiment or something with a bit more razzle dazzle sparkle, the questions is timeless...

Written and created by Amy of...  DottieDigsVintage


Blue Moon Attic said...

Be my Valentines, Amy and Dave! ♥

kinseysue said...

Wonderful post and great items were selected. I love the old postcard valentine - so elaborate and sweet.

EarthLites said...

I loved this! The treasures from past Valentine's Days warmed my heart and the card and story reminded me of grade school (blushing) :D

Anne Pierce said...

great history of Valentine's Day and wonderful gifts for loved ones and self alike.
thank you for the feature of my biscuit box.

Men's Endeavors said...

This is wonderful!
Thank you for featuring my Teapot floral arrangements.

wonderdiva said...

Everything wonderful about the holiday! Love it! Thank you so much for including me.

arvag said...

great history of Valentine's Day !

Plums and Honey Vintage Antique said...

What a wonderful Valentine blog! Thanks so much for including my Harrison Fisher print. Very well done!

CraveCute said...

Great post! I love the Vintage Valentine cards, so cute!

PS Simply Vintage said...

Wonderfully written and pictured! The valentines remind me of the ones I used to pass out to school mates. :-)

Leigh Blake said...

Sweet valentine blog, thanks Miss Dottie.

Over to pass out some hearts in your shop.

Happy Valentine to all our team mates.....may your day be filled with love and joy.