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20 February 2014

Pyrex Hoarding 101

Recently, someone asked me, "Why do the young people like Pyrex so much?

One reason could be because they remember seeing it at Grandmother’s house when they were growing up. Many times a cherished kitchen item brings back memories and might even have a story to tell. I’ve been immediately attracted to a special gem thinking, “My mom had one just like this.” There are so many to choose from; bowls, casseroles, refrigerator sets, chip & dips, serving and utility pieces. Who can resist joining in on the fun?
From the shop FineOldThings

It’s exciting to look for and discover the different, pretty patterns of these vintage milk glass dishes. When a collector spots one of the sought after patterns or designs in an online shop or at an estate sale it can bring the thrill of discovery similar to that of a treasure hunt. My husband carries a copy of the Pyrex Love pattern reference guide with him in his car just in case he spots a rare promotional piece for my daughter’s collection. Those finds make great birthday or Christmas gifts. http://www.pyrexlove.com/vintage-pyrex-pattern-guide/

Pyrex is something that can be used on a day to day basis as well as gorgeous in a display. My daughter’s favorites are pink and turquoise because they match the mid-century modern color scheme in her kitchen and dining room. Remember; never take Pyrex between temperature extremes, such as straight from the refrigerator to the oven because it could shatter. When using pieces of Pyrex, make sure you wash them gently and don’t put these vintage dishes into a dishwasher, which can make them look powdery or faded. Most collectors are careful to place something between their pieces when stacking so they don’t scratch the patterns. If you take good care of your prized dishes, they should serve you well and hold many delicious meals for your family to enjoy.

from mamiezvintage Etsy shop

Now, what are your favorite colors and designs? Happy hunting!

From Gail at BlueMoonAttic


Tanjla said...

I love pyrex too! And yes it reminds me of grandma and my mom! Great post!

Angela Spiess said...

Thanks, Gail! What a fun entry. For some reason, it's rather hard to find Pyrex around here. So, I admire all your listings from afar. :)