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03 February 2014

Be My Vintage Valentine!

Valentines Day is just around the corner. Forget the candy and the flowers, give your Valentine something unique and something vintage.
How about starting with a vintage Valentine from DottieDigsVintage ?

For the man in your life, how about a pair of Swank vintage cufflinks from YaYasAttic ?

He will be thrilled that you took the time to find him something other than the tie or six pack.

This little Valentine Girl planter is perfect for that lover of vintage in your life. Toss a bouquet of tulips or a blooming violet in it and give it proudly. BlissandVinegar has a lot of wonderful gift ideas to make the day special.

Do you know any of the legends surrounding Valentine's Day?

Here are a couple I managed to dig up in my quest for knowledge,

From my grandma, February 14th is the average day when the birds begin nesting and get married.  Of course, my dad also told me that I could catch a bird if I put salt on its tail. After a fruitless day in the back yard with a salt shaker, I developed trust issues.

Nailing down St Valentine is a tough one, the Catholic church recognizes three St. Valentine's all of whom were martyrs. And it seems that Valentines Day began in the Roman Empire. A clergyman was imprisoned, and before his execution wrote a sonnet to his jailer's daughter (whom he had fallen in love with) and signed it “your Valentine”.

It was taken to a whole new level in Chaucer's England and celebrated with love poems, candy and flowers. So now after all these many centuries, Valentines Day is still celebrated with gifts to your love.

Now that you know some of the “vintage history”, don't you think it is perfect to surprise your Valentine with a vintage gift?

How about this Czech Glass Heart Necklace for her from vintagevogue3. You won't find one like it at your local jewelry store. Sure to get her compliments wherever she goes.

And finally for him this dapper and dreamy Fedora – what woman wouldn't want her man to channel Gary Grant or Humphrey Bogart? This is from the shop VintageVonRetro

So check out the shops of the Vintage Vertigo Team – you never

know what you will find.

Tanjla from  the  VintageVertigoTeam on Etsy


NeverTooOld said...

Very nice post T! You've an obvious knack for this lovely layout, links, and photogs! A nice article with some awesome vintagicity and shops to browse.


Denise CountryMini said...

What a great idea for vintage Valentine!! I love it! The whole blog is coming together in a great vintage fashion!! Go Team Vintage Vertigo!

Angela Spiess said...

Wonderful post! Thank you, Tanjla. I especially enjoyed your family stories. ♥

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post! Love it!

Mary Weaver said...

T you have a knack for blogging. Such and entertaining blog.

Mary Jane

Blue Moon Attic said...

Close to my heart and full of great ideas. ♥